Landmarks: Museo Umberto Nobile (Lauro, Italy)
Landmarks: Museo Umberto Nobile (Lauro, Italy)

Landmarks: Museo Umberto Nobile (Lauro, Italy)

Museo Civico Umberto Nobile

The Museum dedicated to the Italian airship engineer Umberto Nobile was inaugurated on 25 September 1988. Its five thematic rooms are located in Palazzo Pignatelli in Lauro (AV). In honor of Umberto Nobile, relics relating to his career as an explorer, general and professor of aeronautical construction are exhibited here.

Nobile was the first who reflected on the potential that airships offered in the field of polar exploration and here in the museum, many memorabilia testify to the history of the expeditions that saw him as protagonist together with the means he designed.

Part of documents, medals, drawings, pages of newspapers, paintings and parts of the equipment was donated to the museum by Nobile’s heirs, as he had wished on his last visit to Lauro in 1976, and by the Aeronautica Militare.

The complete list of documents that can be consulted in the archive of the Umberto Nobile Museum is available online on the website


Address: Piazza Umberto Nobile 83023 – Lauro (AV)


Phone: 328 1175155

Director: Prof. Antonio Ventre

Museum Curator: Don Raffale Amelia

Museum Guides: Dott.ssa Sara Ferraro, Dott.ssa Filomena Mazzocca