Shadow of NORGE
The crew

The crew

The crew

Norge had on board a crew of sixteen people, the first ones to achieve a transpolar flight from Europe to America.

Roald Amundsen
Expedition Leader – (Norway, 1872-1928)

Umberto Nobile
Designer and Commander of the airship, director of technical operations – (Italy, 1885-1978)

Lincoln Ellsworth
Expedition financier and assistant navigator – (USA, 1880-1951) 

Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen
NORGE’s second in command – (Norway 1890-1965)

Renato Alessandrini
Rigger – (Italy, 1890-1928)

Ettore Arduino
Engineer – (Italy, 1889-1928)

Attilio Caratti
Lateral engine-car engineer – (Italy, 1895-1928)

Natale Cecioni
Chief technician – (Italy, 1888-1960)

Birger Lund Gottwaldt
Chief radio operator – (Norway, 1880-1968)

Emil Andreas Horgen
Airship pilot – (Norway, 1889-1954)
photo by Fram Museum

Finn Malmgren
Meteorologist – (Sweden, 1895-1928)

Oskar Omdal
Lateral engine-car engineer – (Norway, 1895-1927)

Vincenzo Pomella
Rear engine-car engineer – (Italy, 1896-1928)

Fredrik Ramm
Journalist – (Norway, 1892-1943)

Fridtjof Storm-Johnsen
Telegraphist – (Norway, 1897-1978)
photo by Fram Museum

Oscar Wisting
Elevator pilot – (Norway, 1873-1936)

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