Shadow of NORGE
The Project

The Project

Project “Shadow of Norge”

Shadow Of Norge is an international project that aims to commemorate the Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile expedition on its 95th anniversary (1926-2021). Through the collaboration of a Norwegian, Italian and Russian institutional network, a series of activities will be organized to remember a fundamental step in the history of Polar exploration: the first transpolar flight in human history.

The project proposes three initiatives:

1. Augmented reality App (AR)

A 1:1 scale virtual model of the NORGE has been created, and an augmented reality APP has been developed. This application allows you to see the airship in some of the main locations of its historical journey and in some symbolic places, relevant to the history of the expedition. It will be possible to “take pictures” of the airship in different places through “screenshots” from smartphones or tablets. The photos can then be shared, under the photographer’s responsibility, on the project’s social networks. The photos accepted for quality and aesthetic value will be published among the materials of the project and possibly included in a future contest.

2. Historical reconstruction on the website and information threads on Social Networks

The website has been created, contents are progressively made available by an international network of partner organizations. The site provides information and documentation in the four languages ​​used during the NORGE expedition (Norwegian, English, Italian, Russian) and it will publish in “real-time” the steps of the reconstruction, chronologically arranged, from April 10th to May 14th, 2021.

3. Cultural discussion: Webinar cycle

Beginning on April 8th until May 12th, 2021, a series of Webinars will be organized, coordinated by various partner organizations, for a description of the NORGE‘s journey and for the discussion of its different aspects.

The final Webinar Program will soon be published on this website.

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