Shadow of NORGE
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App ShadowOfNorge was created with the aim of celebrating the 95th anniversary of the Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile Transpolar flight (1926). It is an experiment that attempts to narrate this story in a new and original way, through augmented reality technologies (Google ARCore required) and geolocation. Through the app, which uses the photo camera of your phone, it will be possible to look for the airship NORGE in some of the symbolic locations of its journey and to view photos and documents of that time.

(Terms of use)

If you are in Ciampino, Rome, Pulham, Oslo, St. Petersburg or any other location listed in the App, you can download the APK on your mobile phone and search for the airship in the areas indicated. Take part in this experiment to “re-live” history, witnessing the passage of the airship and don’t forget to turn on the GPS!

More APK updates coming soon!

The ShadowOfNorge Application, as well as the entire project, is non-profit and exclusively pursues educational and historical commemoration purposes to promote new activities for research. It was built through free and open-source tools.

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